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The Bike Spa!

The Bike Spa!

This bike repair shop specializes in fixing and maintaining all types of bikes, from regular to electric. They offer tune-ups, flat tire replacements, and brake repairs, as well as customizations to fit customer needs. They also provide expert advice, with a focus on safety and efficiency.

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Address 75 Keele St, Toronto, ON M6P 2J8
Phone Number +1 416-830-8269

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Average Google Review Rating 5.0
Google Reviews Over 75

“Amazing experience and expertise knowledge! Would recommend this shop to anyone. All bikes are safety checked and customized to your needs ! Thank you 🙏🏾😊”

Roots2Leaves Almas

“Needed a replacement on my older style break cable, Ryan took me less than an hour after calling him and finished around an hour later. Breaks work fine, gave me some useful pointers, and also did a full tune-up for a very competitive price. Would recommend. Thanks Ryan!”

Mikhael Haberer

Matteo’s Mobile Bicycle Repair

Matteo's Mobile Bicycle Repair

Matteo is a mobile bike repair shop that specializes in providing fast, affordable, and quality tune-ups and repairs for all types of bikes. He also provides tips and advice on bike safety and maintenance. He comes to the customer’s home and provides a convenient and efficient service.

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Address nan
Phone Number +1 647-879-7486

Recent Reviews

Average Google Review Rating 4.9
Google Reviews Over 134

“Great service! My breaks needed a desperate tune-up and Matteo delivered! Also, the products he recommends (horn, mirror, tire liners) are really good for my daily commute. Will definitely ask for his services in the future”

Achilleas Taxildaris

“Matteo is the GUARDIAN ANGEL OF BIKES. As I type this, he’s on his way to provide some emergency care for my bike after an unfortunate accident. His tune-ups are conducted with care and attention, and my bike was running more smoothly than ever. He even changed my grip tape for me to complete the glow-up. I guarantee that your experience with Matteo will be faster, cheaper, kinder, and better than any bike shop. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Benjamin Landsberg

The Bike Place

The Bike Place

The Bike Place is a great shop! The owner, Louis, is very knowledgeable and has great customer service. If you need a quick tune up or a few new parts, Louis will be able to get it done quickly and affordably.

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Address 3113 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Z9
Phone Number +1 416-766-1085

Recent Reviews

Average Google Review Rating 4.8
Google Reviews Over 217

“Louis, the store owner, was the the most knowledgeable people I have met for bikes! Not only was his service outstanding, I came in for a bike gear bag and left with a completely tuned up bike (by Louis’ keen eye).

He adjusted my bike seat to the proper height, noticed my brake pads were low, helped me with co2 cartridges, a chain link, a gear bag as well as tuning up the fork.

Amazing service and the best bike shop I have been to. I would recommend to all riders! His adjustments will take off at least 30 minutes off of my upcoming triathlon!

Thanks Louis”

Ryan Naar

Visit 1:
-Fixed bent derailleur.
-Fairly priced.
Thank you!

Visit 2:
-Fixed broken spoke.
-Re-trued back wheel.
-Tightened loose cones that I was un-aware of.
-Fast repair despite busy season.
Thank you!

Edit 2022-08-02
Visit 3:
-Replaced broken 9 speed cassette with new one.
-Replaced new chain, and lengthened chain for better fit.
-Reset gears correctly.
Fast, and quality repair in busy season, bike accelerates even faster in lower gears than it use to. – Thank you!

Edit 2022-09-15
Gave me honest advice about a problem with my chain being on incorrectly rather than taking the bike in, and charging me for something it didn’t need yet. – Thank you for your honesty.

Edit 2022-12-09
Replaced damaged cones, replaced freehub, and ball bearings, and reassembled. Thanks.”

Rusty Sherman

Toronto Bike Repair

Toronto Bike Repair

This bike repair shop specializes in fixing and maintaining all kinds of bikes. They have experienced staff who are very knowledgeable and friendly. They provide repairs and tune-ups, as well as bike accessories and spare parts. They also give advice on bike safety and maintenance. They offer a quick turnaround time and reasonable prices.

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Address 905 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1L2
Phone Number +1 647-800-9090
Email [email protected]

Recent Reviews

Average Google Review Rating 4.7
Google Reviews Over 343

“I highly recommend this shop. They are very knowledgeable and honest. Their prices are very reasonable especially with the amount of effort that they put into it. I’ve been to many bike repair shops in Toronto from the east end to the west end but have always been disappointed. The first time I came across this shop, I actually just went up to one of their staff outside to ask a general bike question. He fully knew that I wasn’t going to be a paying customer that day but he was still extremely helpful. I walked away with so much new knowledge about bikes. It was too bad that I didn’t catch his name.

This shop is now my go to place. I’m so glad that John was there to help me when I bought my new bike. He is incredibly knowledgeable and gave me recommendations based on what I’m using the bike for. He didn’t try to up sell me on anything that I didn’t need. For example, after buying my bike, I was the one who kept on asking him questions about various accessories and he would be very honest in telling me what I may need and definitely don’t need. At the end of the day, I didn’t feel pressured into buying anything which is refreshing since I can’t say the same when I go to other shops.

When I picked up my bike, John even made sure to double check that the bike is tuned and everything is in good order one last time before handing the bike to me. That is what I call going above and beyond.”


“As a beginner biker and my first tuneup of my vintage bike, the owner was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. Very transparent and went through all the costs. Also the employees were very welcoming. Fixed all the problems I had on my bike within a reasonable time.
Definitely going to be my go to spot for any problems with my bike”

tenzin chokdup

Bike Pirates

Bike Pirates

Bike Pirates is a volunteer-run bike repair shop. They rely on donations and volunteers to provide affordable bike repairs and parts. They also offer courses and tutorials to help people learn how to fix their own bikes. They provide a safe, welcoming space to learn and they encourage everyone to donate what they can.

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Address 1564 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4
Email [email protected]

Recent Reviews

Average Google Review Rating 4.2
Google Reviews Over 227

“This is an amazing bike shop that relies on volunteers and donations. The people here are very helpful, Frank especially helped me out with making repairs and adjustments to my bike. Frank took the the time to teach me how to make the repairs and offered to go above and beyond.

Bike Pirates also sells used parts for very affordable prices. There is an bit of a wait but if you’re interested in repairing your bike for an affordable cost I would highly recommend Bike Pirates.”

Rahin Virani

“I’ve done lots of work on several bikes over the years here, and before when they were at the old location. Be prepared, you will be doing your own work, assisted occasionally by experts.
If you dig deep enough in the parts drawers and bins you will find almost any part you need. Prices for new parts are very inexpensive, while prices for used parts are pay what you can, within reason.
The place is entirely volunteer-run and pays the bills by selling restored bikes and from receiving donations, so be generous when you go!”

Sayyad Glassford

Dave Fix My Bike

Dave Fix My Bike

Dave’s Fix My Bike is a bike repair shop that specializes in fixing, repairing, and maintaining all types of bicycles. From fixing flat tires to replacing worn-out parts, Dave’s Fix My Bike can help with all your bike repair needs. They also offer tune ups and maintenance services to keep your bike running smoothly.

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Address 254 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G 3B8
Phone Number +1 416-944-2453

Recent Reviews

Average Google Review Rating 3.8
Google Reviews Over 73

“WARNING: the bad reviews are LIARS trying to cancel him for political reasons.

Dave is a kind man and has been fixing my bike since I was a young kid including technical mountain bikes. His skill and experience is outstanding.

Don’t fall for the ideological totalitarian attempts to shutdown small business for divergences of thought without prejudice. Dave Fix My Bike is a last remaining legacy of a dying gentrifying Toronto community.”

Daniel Bechsgaard

“Dave fixed my ’86 Gardin. He went above and beyond to make sure the bike was running well, and even called me a few days after I picked up the bike to make sure everything was ok. He was also able to source the parts needed for an old bike, which was very helpful. A true artisan.”

Nick Davis

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